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Naturence Body Spa

This spa includes De-Tan, cleansing, scrubbing, massage, Pack and then cleaning of body. This spa also reduces stress and improves blood circulation. In this process massage will take place along with the steam.

Rs.2999 Starting
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Normal Body Spa

Detoxify the body and removes pain from it. Makes you feel more energetic. Normal body spa doesn’t include the steam process. This spa is suitable for Oily and combined skin types.

Rs.1999 Starting
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O3+ Body Spa

In this spa all the products used are of o3+. This spa also contains the whole same process with steam. It removes the pain from body and makes your muscles stronger. This spa is suited for all skin types.

Rs.4999 Starting
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Whitening Body Spa

This spa deep cleans the Body pores and removes the toxic elements from skin. This spa rejuvenates the skin cells and makes your skin softer. It helps in getting good sleep and makes your all muscles relaxed.

Rs.5999 Starting
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7+ Brand Are Available On Body Spa

Which Hair Spa You Want?

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L’OREAL Hair Spa

This hair spa makes your hair smooth and soft and makes your hair dandruff free. It helps in rejuvenates the hair growth by removing impurities and cleaning the pores of hair scalp.

Rs.999 Starting
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Wella Hair Spa

This spa also removes the dandruff from hair and makes your hair shiny. It also helps in improving the blood circulation of your hair scalps. This is recommended for all type of hairs.

Rs.999 Starting
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4+ Brand Are Available On Hair Spa

Why You Need Hair Spa?

Benefits Of Hair Spa

Removes Impurities

Hair spa removes all the impurities from your hair pores and helps in rejuvenates the hair growth and makes your hair shiny and smoother. It also controls the hair loss when impurities get removed from your scalp.

Blood Circulation

As hair spa consists of head massage so it helps in improving the blood circulation and also this process the blood flow smooth and hence improving the healthy and shiny hair growth.

Controls Oil Production

Generally hair scalps secrets lot of oil which leads to hair dandruff, dull hair, and other impurities which reduces the hair growth and hence Hair spa removes all these impurities from scalp and also controls the extra amount of oil generation.

Dandruff-free Hair

Hair spa makes your hair dandruff free. However to get completely free with dandruff you have to take regular hair spa on monthly basis for 4-5 times. It makes your hair dandruff free as well as makes your hair look shiner and smoother

Reduces Stress

Hair spa also reduces stress of your mind as head massage during hair spa makes your blood circulation better and makes you free from stress of your work. It helps you more focused on your work.

Why You Need Body Spa

Benefits of Body Spa

Reduces Aches and Pains

Body spa makes all your body muscles relax and removes all the minor muscles pain. It also helps in removes aches from the body and makes you energetic. The body spa helps you in curing your problem of back pain due to long time sitting work in offices.

Enhances Sleep

A deep massage with spa makes your body relax and stress free which enhances a good sleep. It also improves your blood pressure and heart rate and helps in good feel and energy to your body. Generally you have to take body spa once a month for good body.

Helps In Lose Weight

Body spa opens all the pores of body to remove the toxic materials in the body and it also burn calories. Deep tissue massage also supports calories loss from body. Body spa generally supports in weight loss if you have regular exercise and good diet.

Reduces Stress

The process of massage during the body spa makes your body free from all type of mental stress and makes your body more energetic after the treatment. It improves the blood circulation of your body so that you will have a better day.

Delays Anti-Aging

Body spa improves the outer skin cells and removes out the damaged cells from skin and makes you look younger. It also Hydrates your skin to make you pretty and helps in rejuvenates the good skin cells growth.