Side Locks Waxing At Home In Varanasi

Side Locks Waxing in varanasi, salon at home

Side Locks Waxing

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  • Removes unwanted hairs from side locks of face
  • Nourishes and moisturizes side lock area

Rs.79/- Starting

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Brand We Use

  • Honey
  • Chocolate
  • Rica
  • O3+
  • Rica Brazilian

About Side Locks Waxing

  • Removes Tan and dark spots from side locks
  • Recommended for all skin types. However, Rica wax best for sensitive skins

Points To Remember

  • Use of pre and post wax gel/lotion/powder
  • No cuts/wounds/infection/injury area should be get waxed
  • Hair should be 0.25cm long which get to be waxed for easy waxing
  • If getting waxed for first time possibility of getting redness and patches on skin


  • Use ice if you have any redness or itching after waxing
  • Use antibiotic cream to prevent infections