Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup in varanasi

Mineral Makeup Makeup

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  • Minirel makeup all about using natural ingredients
  • No any reaction with face skin
  • Suited for all type of skins


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About Meneral Makeup

  • As the name of this makeup includes minerals it means that the ingredients used during this makeup are all natural, No any chemical products are added in this makeup.
  • Since there are no any chemical used in this makeup there is no any chance of any type of reactions on your skin.
  • This makeup also helps in hiding all the imperfections from your skin and insures to fill all the pores of your face which makes you look pretty.
  • This makeup suited for all skin types.

What You Get In This Makeup?

  • Makeup
  • Hair style consists of bridal bun, straightening, out curls, curls creation, crimping, Messy look, etc.
  • Saree Drapping includes different styles like Simple saree, Bengali saree, Gujrati, Marathi,Lehngas, Falling pallu, etc.
  • Products used in this makeup is of Kraylon or Mac.

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